Slayerboi (slayerboi) wrote,

Idol Fever!!!

Katharine McPhee has surprised the hell out of me. Her new Cd is really really good. If I didn't know any better i would think it's a black chick singing these songs...LOL Dangerous is my favorite song so far.

But Katharine isn't the only Idol Alum handing me a big bucket of BOOYAH. Paris bennett, Princess P, the powerhouse 17 year old with a squeaky voice is coming out with a new CD. You can hear her first single "Ordinary Love" and an additional track, "Burnt Up" at this website.

But that's not the only surprise. Kevin Covais Raps on her CD. That's right people. Chicken Little can rap apparently. Read the article here.

i'm just excited that the people who got voted off are getting some great music out there. Now all I need is some Elliot Yamin and I'm set for the year. LOL
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