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About a week ago i got a call from my ex. And by ex, I mean the guy I dated when I was 17...prompted me to run away for a while. Moved to Bowling Green with me...kept me from having friends and pretty much completey destroyed my faith in compassion and love. Even after we broke up Everytime I talked to him, or saw him I just felt a rush of all the feelings that i had for him. A rush so authentic I could have fallen into the same trap again if he asked me.

After almost a year of not hearing his voice he called me. And to my surprise I felt NOTHING. He no longer has any control over me. What a rush to be free.

The only thing that worries me is why I feel nothing for him anymore. Is it because I've finally told myelf he was a complete asshole who didn't deserve me? Or is it because I've been so determined to not let anyone in that i've completely closed myself off to any feelings?
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