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Is It Me???

So I do have this weird thing where I think I'm always right. But I've had such a good track record with being right. When giving friends advice I have this way of telling what to do and not advising them. Maybe I'm being really protective or something. I'm usually a really good judge of character though. Right now, I am wishing that something would blow up in my friends face so it would prove me to be right. I know that's wrong but I can't get over it.....LOL

I know I'm a jealous person also. I don't want a relationship. So I feel that no one else should have one. I think I could just be very self-destructive and manipulative. If I am then there's a couple of things I need to change about myself....LOL

On a happier note, I am still LOVING my new job! The other managers are awesome girls and the kids just rock my socks!
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