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American Idol Picks....

Here's who I think the Top 12:

Blake Lewis (Cute and can sing anything), Chris Richardson (He has a voice I've rarely heard on AI), Phil Stacey (The perfect story), Nicholas Pedro (This boy is just damn cute and charming), Jared Cotter (you gotta have the black guy singing all the predictable R&B songs), AJ Tabaldo (they should throw this gay boy in there for good measure).

Lakisha Jones (I hope she doesn't suffer the same fate as Mandisa), Melinda Doolittle (she surprised me...and so did her lack of neck), Jordin Sparks (She's good and I just really like her), Sabrina Sloan (awesome singer...big nose....don't care), Stephanie Edwards (she's just ok in my opinion), Gina Glocksen (even though I really really really really don't like this poser).

So hopefully America will get it right.
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