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Can we just let it go??

So for the first time in like 3 years I watched the Academy Awards....for 3 reasons. 1...I actually knew about the movies that were nominated. 2....Ellen was hosting and she kicks butt. 3....jennifer hudson was up for an Oscar.

I'm excited that she won. I just love seeing someone receive an Oscar and cry as if it means something and not pull out a list of Thank You's and such. Speak from the heart...It's a FUCKING OSCAR!

Next, I actually really liked Melissa Etheridge's Song "I Need To Wake Up." And I loved the Dreamgirls performance, which is the topic of this particular rant. What are these little "Beyonce vs. J-Hud: Diva-Off" things I keep seeing?

When the movie came out they were saying beyonce was jealous because she wasn't getting all the attention? Which, even though I like Beyonce, I can see. I could really see her getting upset because this nobody is getting all the attention. But since they beat that story into the ground I got over it. I mean if Beyonce's a bitch, who gives a shit. She's still going to sell CD's and Jennifer Hudson will still have an Oscar...and a Golden Globe....and every other acting award...LOL

The performance went well. I never liked the song Listen. It was almost as if she was trying too hard to push her voice to be bigger than it was. I don't think that Beyonce is better than Jennifer or the other way around. They have different voices. Jennifer has a huge, beautiful voice. Beyonce is more of a pop type vocalist. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Although I will say, I think Beyonce had a quick kick to the ego after this movie. She can't always be the one in the spotlight.
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